Plastering In Melbourne

Plastering In Melbourne

More than just a stucco contractor.

Done Right Plastering is more than just a stucco contractor – we design your finishes with durability in mind, and any good partner comes with details like waterproofing, anti-cracking membranes as well as style. When we build your project, we customize these fine finishes to your location, climate and the highest building standards.

Exterior Finishes

We provide custom plasters and stuccos with custom color matching that adds value, protection and beauty to your home. Styles include Old World, Transitional, Modern or anything in between.We make the outside of your house look like a work of art that protects your investment and takes your curb appeal to a whole new level.

Interior Finishes

Whether you’re looking for faux finished walls, venetian plastered ceilings, cast stone moldings or a 17th century fireplace, we have you covered. Experienced in the details that make each project unique, Done Right Plastering can transform your interior and make your dream home shine.

Waterproofing Specialists

Plastering In Melbourne

Mother nature doesn’t stand a chance against our waterproofing system. We design our solutions with multiple layers and anti-cracking membranes to stand up to Florida’s coastal environment. Developed with industry best practices and decades of experience, we have you covered. Perhaps your toilet is right next to the tub which can be awful to look at and hard to get comfortable in the bath when your right next to the bathroom. You may have a shower over the bathtub making it awkward to get in and out and doesn’t look so good. If you have the room you can put a smaller tub and shower in to keep them separate.